Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where in the world has tarskin been??

Entertaining the idle hope that some people actually care about more then just warcraft related news i figured i should give those people an update on what has happened to me (aka where have i been):

1. Parrot decided i played too much warcraft
She started plucking her feathers which is quite painful to look at, she comes running to me for help as 'something' is hurting her. She relaxes as she believes i will protect her, followed by her plucking another feather and repeating the cycle.

2. Major stress-related trouble because of master's degree research
The stress of finising my degree combined with writing the thesis and the feather plucking problem turned me into a neurotic that couldn't sleep. That problem got fixed but now i'm going cold turkey on stress/sleep medicine ftw

3. Motor cycle accident during vacation to the french alps
Racing down a slippery mountain road on my Suzuki RF900R (see picture) was not the smartest thing i ever did. I locked up my rear tire going into a turn at 90kph which resulted in me rolling over the road a bit.

4. Busted hands during a 'adventure park' visit
The motor cycle crash took me about 1 week to 'recover' from and when i decided i needed to go out and do something so i went to an adventure park. There i managed to tumble down from a obstacle and like an idiot i tried to hang on to the rope resulting in open/bleeding hands... woot.

The only good thing i really have to mention is that i am now a 'Master of Science' in genetics... Time to start praying for a Ph.d position, which could be a pain because of the credit crunch.