Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tier X TDs / Mediums anounced & E-Series transmission update

Tier X Mediums and Tank Destroyers

The Tier 10 medium USSR vehicle will be the T-62A. In its top configuration it will be equipped with 100-mm gun D-54TC.

E-50 Ausf M will head up the German tank tech tree. In its top configuration it will have a 10,5 cm KwK 45 L/52 Ausf. K gun on board.

Fans of the American combat vehicles will conquer the battlefields on the medium tank M48A1 (Patton III), equipped with 90 mm M41 and 105mm M68 guns.

The most drastic changes will affect the French tank tech tree. All light and medium tanks from AMX 12t (i.e. AMX 12t, AMX 13 75, AMX 13 90, Lorraine 40t, Bat Chatillon 25t) will be raised one Tier upwards. The light tank ELC AMX will be added as a  new Tier 5 vehicle with 75 mm SA32, 75 mm Long 44 and 90 mm D914 mountable guns.

Bat Chatillon 25t, now raised to Tier 10, will be equipped in stock with 90 mm F3 gun and have 105 mm CN-105-57 as a top gun.

The details about French tanks substitution process and compensation procedure will be explained in more detail in a later update.

“Object 268” together with its 152 mm M64 gun will become a Tier 10 tank destroyer. 

The German tank tech tree will be enlarged by the tank destroyer JagdPz E-100 with 17 cm PaK 45 gun on board.

The American nation will be reinforced by two new Tier 10 anti-tank vehicles. Players who have T95 will be able to open T110E3 tank destroyer. This vehicle will have a non-rotating turret and a 155 mm AT gun T7.

The branch of the US tech tree with turret-rotating tank destroyers which are currently headed by T30, will be amplified with T110E4. The particular feature of that TD will be a partially rotating turret (rotation angle – 180 degrees). The 155 mm AT Gun T7 will be its top weapon.

Cassette loader – It’s the key feature of the French vehicles. Tier 10 TD AMX 50 Foch will have it as well. The gun SA 58 AC will have 3 shells in the drum.

We would again like to remind you that the above mentioned information is not final. The vehicle specifications listed above can be subject to change prior to their official in-game release.

My thoughts:

  • Tier X mediums sound really nice and I really hope that WG can balance the game properly as to give mediums a place (and not replace) in end game (CWs).
  • Tier X TDs should be the kings of DPM and when you combine this with rather good mobility (AMX 50 Foch) that could become quite problematic. I will wait with passing judgement until more information becomes available but the AMX could be troubling (balance wise).
  • I would have expected an early Leopard I prototype to take the German Tier X medium spot. The Leopard I is still going to be implemented most likely as a secondary medium line for Germany however (see this link).
  • I am not happy with the T110E3/4 variants, I have to admit that the T110E3 was an actual design but the T110E4 seems as if WG took the T110E3 and added a rotating turret to it. I attached a drawing board image of the T110E4 to demonstrate that it was an actual design, considered by the US army.
Posted Image

E-Series Transmission Drama

Overlord / WarGaming have managed to get in touch with Mr. Hillary L. Doyle and the full details of this interaction have been published on Overlord's blog (link). I just want to quote the single most important snippet however: 

"Firstly, in this case Overlord is completely correct.  Any engineer or logical person can see that these sketches do not make sense.  But he must avoid shooting the messengers!"

The Entwicklung series should have the frontal transmission to be historically correct and I therefore think that the change is a good chance. I am also convinced that if the E-series tanks drop too much in terms of performance (W/L ratio) that WG will buff them to compensate. 

I do however think that the transmission should be a separate module however that will not burn but should either stop your tank (destroyed) or limits the maximum speed to 1/3 of top speed (to reflect not being able to change gears).

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