Thursday, April 23, 2009


This week's first day of Ulduar went quite allright, i must admit that the XT-002 trash was a bit harder then i expected but that was well compensated for by getting 4 trash epics and the fact that XT-002 died \o/

Beyond that we just face rolled Flame Leviathan which is i must admit a lot more fun then i expected, firmly hated the idea of having to do a fight by not using your own character but this implementation of vehicles scaling is quite good.
Added bonus of killing him was the ring that i got :)

Lastly we also killed Razorscale but yet again people seem to have the reaction time of a dead horse and once dead complain about the fact that the healers could not heal them up while they kept standing still in the fire *sigh*

All in all a quite succesful day 1 of this week and with 3 25-man raid days remaining for this week i'm hoping we can get to a total of 5 bosses downed.


Marino said...

Personally I like this view:

Recruit constantly and have enough people for all positions. Don't be weak and call it social and let the rotten apples stay in the guild. When new people join they have to prove themselves. If they fail, they get kicked.

Look at it this way: if a person fucks up, it will cost everyone 10 minutes time easily. That is 25 * 10 min = 4 hours wasted. Accidents happen, but if you can't drive the car and hit every tree on the way over (metaphor for dying constantly, e.g. Sarth fire walls fail, etc) you are worthless and even worse, you are a burden. Hardcore raiding is not for you (yet).

So are we not social? An unfriendly guild?. No we are really friendly. We have a good group of friends in the guild, some key members, but we will easily let new members in that group. However if you cost everyone time we will have to say farewell.

Come to think of it, the reason we are doing so well and are good friends is because of the hard line we draw.
There are no internal feuds. I can't remember a raid being canceled because of lazy signups. Being tough might seem unsocial, but it makes the good people stay and the people that don't care leave or get kicked. A guild of "professionals" really helps keeping the game nice.

Tarskin said...

I agree that the strict rule enforcemt system helps on a server where there is enough people. Zenedar however is a really shitty server as of late, you have to raid with the rotten apples and be glad those rotten apples even wanted to join you as there's at least 10 other guilds out there desperate for people ;(

Marino said...

We are not really heavily populated. RPPVP servers generally aren't.
Maybe your guilds should merge and form one new bigger guild?