Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ulduar nerfs

The ammount of nerfs that Ulduar has received over the past week is just mind boggling, when i saw World of Raids this morning (clicky) i was both happy and sad at the same time.

Happy because it means that my guild can actually kill Ignis and Kologarn, sad that the nerfs come so fast after the instances release.

I would gladly have whiped one or two more weeks on these bosses but the reality was that we couldn't, most of our members have been spoiled by WotLK so far and whenever they whipe for more then one hour they start to moan and bitch and before you know it they don't even log on for progress/whipe nights.

You might wonder, why didn't you recruit more people then? Kick the slackers? or more...

I would have if we could, the problem is that Zenedar is a really shitty server at the moment in the sense that there are too few good people (the average alliance player is a lot more childish then the average horde player sadly) and there are too many guilds (semi)-raiding Ulduar.

Personally i just hope that the new people we do get are good enough to replace those that can't be arsed to whipe because if it's up to me, the slackers are demoted to casual (if not kicked).

The single good point today is that it's Queen's Night today and Queen's Day tomorrow, expecting myself to be sober again somewhere on the sunday or so ^_^


Marino said...

Blizzard is afraid people will leave because they can't get loot. I laugh at the nerf having just "cleared" Ulduar yesterday. I actually feel sad for good players now that can never say "I took ulduar before nerfs". You could say this is extended testing, but I think it is to make people happy. And that actually makes me sad. When at some point we oneshot every boss on hard mode the game will become really boring. Like 3.0 before WotLK. Though I do not think that will happen.

And... Neh no queensday or night for me though. I don't care for it. I hate queensnight and when it is so crowded ppl start being assholes I get the urge to deck someone. So i will just enjoy my day off.

Tarskin said...

The entire 'i want to deck someone' is part of the whole experience in Den Haag :P

Marino said...

Well Den haag is pretty ok. It is crowded like hell but been there 2 or 3 times. My sister lives there.

I once was in Eindhoven. Don't! It is full off 20 yeah old 'patsertjes' that don;t just ask to be smacked to bits... they deserve it too! Just so sad about all the police around. ;)