Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ulduar progress

This Monday and Tuesday we had some proper raids going on again with the aftermath of Queen's day, my guild claims i was still pissed (slang for drunk) on tuesday *shrug*.

Anyhow, there was plenty of mobs left so we started with an easy farm kill to set the mood (Razorscale), which dropped Eiya's second fragment of Val'anyr.

Next up was Ignis which we could not kill the week before because the kiting/tanking of the constructs wasn't done correctly but this week with a slightly different approach (read: death grip abuse) that shit was sorted so easily that it became a basic face roll.

We figured we should try Kologarn next and within the officer core we prayed people would not run around spastically with the laser beams on them for once and behold... we were wrong. Headless chicken style running around seems to be everyone's favorite past time but we did have 1 attempt where the only people that got beamed were the ones with a brain so he did go down.

Last boss we did this week was the Iron Council where we first attempted to keep the Runemaster alive but the consequent explosions which involve (surprisingly) people to move away killed too many people so in the end we opted for the easiest one and left the Stormcaller alive for last. The enrage timer on this fight has been nerfed so hard however as my Omen was screaming at me that he was enraged.... which he wasn't.

I did get a new toy from him tho \o/ and Eiya got his third Fragment of Val'anyr.

Now next week we have to kill the chick with kittens from hell, which were dropping there tanks faster then i can go afk when i want a coffee.

For those who might be interested i will write a tanking guide (specifically for bears) on the first two wings of Ulduar somewhere this weekend.


Marino said...

Gratz! From now on the bosses will become harder. Except for Hodir. He is very easy.
For that fight btw you can easily tank him, full frost resistance. Only 1 tank needed.

Tarskin said...

good that it becomes harder, because the way we got some of these kills made me just ashamed to be honest.

Now the question remains... when will those remaining mobs be nerfed, next week? or the week after that...