Thursday, May 28, 2009

Raiding Again

After the collapse of Shafted some of the more active members have decided to swap over to Fate, which is basically a reformation of my old TBC guild with which i got quite a few server firsts in BT/Hyjal back in the days.

Expect me to be raiding again starting this next wednesday and i am actually really looking forward to being just a 'member' again, no more harassment from people who have too much time on their hand to play WoW complaining about loot \o/

During this week break i have allready watched more of my favorite anime series then i have in ages before :p For those of you who wonder which are the ones i am following right now: Pandora Hearts & 07-Ghost.

1 comment:

Marino said...

Oh noes Anime! I know a guy in my guild... or.. hmm did we kick him already?? ehm.. let me see. Oh no he is not kicked, just pretty inactive atm. Anyway gz on the new guild. Advised you that some time ago.

And yes I don;t want to be officer of guildleader either. I was that. A guild formed on day 2 of the game and it grew to 200 memebers. Really uncontrollable. It took away all my joy in the game so... Just let me play now ;)