Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Guild part 2

Yesterday was the first day i raided after my 'break' and the new guild cleared up to yogg-saron on the first day, honestly makes me wonder what the hell people in my old guild were doing. That is saying a lot considering still there are some people failing this new guild and that the top 5 dps usually is the dps'ers that came with me to this guild from my old guild *shrug*.

What i have to admit tho is that raiding without any responsibility is such bliss, can't believe howmuch stress the raid/guild leading actually gave me. The only sad part is that i am no longer main tank and in yesterday's raid they had 4 tanks for some reason so i was kitty dps'ing most of the stuff which isn't really my thing.

So all in all i must say i'm pretty pleased and hope i can get a proper tanking spot as soon as possible.

PS: Got my Conqueror's Nightsong Legguards in that raid tho \o/


Marino said...

How many druid tanks are in your new guild?

Btw we were raiding yesterday and we were with 4 mainspec tanks and one awesome DK who tanks as the best, which is his offspec. We were trying the Auriaya thing (don't kill the 4 adds) and nearly gotten her since we had a nice tank rotation going. Though is really good to have 6 tanks on that fight if you try it.

Time ran out so we did 9 lives instead. That was pretty fun too.

Tarskin said...

0 druid tanks, 0 death knight tanks and 0 paladin tanks they got 3 warrior tanks however -.-

Anonymous said...

warrior tanks ftw !

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience in BC when I swapped guilds; my old guild [that I was an officer of] struggled on Anetheron, the new guild had MH all-but-cleared [with Vashj down as well, but not KT; in BT they had up to Supremus]

First night in the new guild, I topped the damage chart. Easily. Of the 5 people I brought with me that got in to raid right away, two easily topped the healing charts and the other 3 were in the top 5 DPS.