Thursday, June 11, 2009

WoW nearing it's end?

As i have nothing interesting myself this week i thought i'd share a interesting read i found yesterday (thank you Karthis for the link):

Is Alexa Charting the Decline of WoW?

Now on a WoW related note, being trial sucks.... I didn't get to raid yesterday and behold, twisted visage drops *crai*.


Marino said...

How can you be on trial if they don't let you raid? Trial -> try != benched. Wierd.

Tarskin said...

Don't ask me -.-

Ohforf said...

Ouchies ><

Our guild did a trial "joint effort" 25 man Ulduar with another guild. Had a great time, fun and games throughout until IT dropped...and the other feral druid won the roll with a 97!

I almost did /crai ;)