Friday, June 5, 2009

Yogg-Saron and new forms

Is a damn cool fight, just a shame about the randomness of charm in phase 1. Nothing sucks more then just when your mob is about to be killed on Sara that you get charmed and your mob runs to the raid and explodes there -.-

Taunt DR is also quite annoying but i ain't complaining, if these problems weren't there it wouldn't be a challenging fight so \o/ for Blizzard.

On a unrelated sidenote, i know how i will look in 3.2 apparantly:

Thank god i don't look like the pink hello kitty one, as i would refuse to change the way i have looked the past few years just because of a new model blizzard implemented.


Darksend said...

yea, that is the most annoying thing because all the dispellers are out of range at that point.

Also, I saw the reply you made on marino's blog. Someone on my vent literally at the exact second I read it said "They would be fine without the dangling BALLS"

Tarskin said...

People in my guild called the new form 'ballface kittens' :(

Lissanna said...

Yep. NE cat druids will have to listen to ball jokes for the next.... 4 years. Thanks Blizz!